IAMU – interactive

Interactive exhibits and reactive spaces certainly remain in the lasting memory of many museum visitors. Especially when it is perceived as a magical moment.
The intelligent museum assistance system IAMU promotes curiosity and fascination and was developed precisely for these moments.

Based on a tracking technology that recognizes the visitor with an accuracy of 20 cm, a database previously fed with the respective needs, transmits them to the exhibit in real time.

Exhibits and exhibition spaces can communicate with visitors in a variety of ways, by approaching them or transmitting their exact position. They can greet them by name in their own language, automatically trigger audiovisual signals in combination with in-depth content and much more. It is also possible to integrate VR and AR installations as well as sound productions into the system.

As a modular multi-component system, IAMU combines the conceptual aspirations of the curators with the interactive visitor experience.

IAMU – Experience

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